We work 1x1 with each dog (and you) to create a customized experience each time your dog attends camp based on your wants and their needs

Our camp is designed to identify how your dog is feeling and provide customized positive reinforcement training exercises in a safe, fun, stimulating environment to give you peace of mind and ultimately increase your bond

Our partnership with you ensures your pets are safe, confident, and happy 


We engage your dogs senses and challenge them mentally while using socialization and purposeful play to encourage physical activity mimicking the instinctual behaviors their ancestors used in the wild

These enrichment activities challenge your fur babies to think, problem-solve, and stay active through brain games, sensory work, and structured play allowing your dog to feel a sense of accomplishment


The first time your dog attends camp, the focus is to increase his/her bond with our pack leads to gain their trust - this could mean a fun game of tug-o-war, a cuddle session, or going for a quick sniff in the park

Once your dog is comfortable with us they will be introduced to other canine members of our pack based on play style, activity level, breed etc.


What's included:

Always enriched off leash interaction/play with other carefully assessed small dogs by our trained staff 

Human engagement/structured play

Constant monitoring from drop off to pick-up 

High staff to dog ratio

Check in/out anytime during camp hours

Meals (food brought in and labeled appropriately)

Fun activities

Filtered water using stainless steel bowls cleaned using FDA guidelines

Anti-fatigue flooring for both dogs and humans

Plenty of love, attention and other rewards for good behavior!


1-5 hours of supervised enrichment learning, socialization, and fun!

Single day: $50

Multi-day packages:

5 day: $200 | $40 per session

($50 savings)

10 day: $390 | $39 per session 

($110 savings)

20 day: $700 | $35 per session ($300 savings)


5-9 hours of supervised enrichment learning, socialization, fun with our carefully selected pack

Single day: $65

Multi-day packages:

5 day: $300 | $60 per session

($25 savings)

10 day: $550 | $55 per session 

($100 savings)

20 day: $1,000 | $50 per session ($300 savings)

Additional services upon request (subject to availability):


Puppy play/training camp

1x1 training


Teeth cleaning (non-anesthetic)

Pet sitting after hours

Birthday parties 

Please call and speak with any of our pack leaders to request a service or to learn more, and don't forget to ask about our referral program! 

Package purchases are non refundable and non transferable to another hooman.


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